faeries-poster-300x464by Chip Street and Sean Meehan

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Ravenous pack-hunting faeries pursue a group of city-slickers on a juggernaut through the rugged mountain wilderness.


PRAISE from readers

“A lively, unusual slasher movie that delivers plenty of gore, and introduces a new set of monsters that could be worth a franchise … I could see this as a movie… so many are hard to see actually made. This could be a fun little romp. 9 out of 10! … Clear and atmospheric writing that flows easily down the page. I enjoyed it. Definitely above average writers.”
— Shriekfest 2009 judges panel

“Thank you for having strong female characters that are actually friends and not having it become a big jealous catfight over a guy. That is so tired. Overall, it was awesome and fun. I’m impressed.”

“[I] like how you made the females the heroes.”

“GOOD FUN! I would really like to see the movie. Excellent gore levels. I particularly enjoyed the character depth and the complex relationships.”

“It was great!! Wow. You guys really put some work into this piece and it shows. Excellent job on many levels … I was intrigued, involved and enjoyed the ride. Felt like a mash-up between Gremlins and The Descent. I don’t think you’ll have any problems getting the right people behind this script!”

“The dialogue among the characters was really good and flowing. Good visual – I was there.”

“Great job … I think it is ready to rock.”

The Descent meets The Birds when Graham, Courtney, Nick and Reese buy a remote cabin and pack their bags for a weekend “just out of God’s reach” – past the last feeble sign of civilization and up a 30 mile dirt road.

They’ve brought their personal demons with them. Reese is recuperating from a head injury thanks to Nick’s lousy driving, and Nick’s got plans to develop the historic property into an executive retreat, rather than the quiet Walden-like writer’s hideaway the others are hoping for.

Oh, and he’s got a passionate history with Graham’s wife, Courtney, that isn’t quite over.

On their first evening in front of the fire, something big and noisy makes its escape from the chimney and across the roof, and now it wants in the cat door. Nick assures everyone it’s just raccoons. Reese thinks they should have left things boarded up.

The next day their search for a missing dog gets them on the trail, where they find a freshly stripped animal carcass with strange teeth embedded in it. And they stumble across their only neighbor, Sarah; a strange old woman in a blood stained leather apron who spends her days waiting for her daddy to come home from work.

Day three brings another carcass, more teeth and a killing-field sized pile of chewed bones on the roof. In the root cellar they find blurry photos, illustrations and notebooks filled with strange references to aggressive “faeries” killing deer.

As a scientist, Reese knows they’re not magical, but the creatures are unknown, dangerous and seem pissed off. Nick sets up a video camera to prove that it’s just nosy raccoons defending their territory.

But it’s no raccoon that creeps in and splatters Reese’s other dog all over the kitchen.

These faeries are voracious echo-locating pack hunters with rows of shark’s teeth and just enough intelligence to make them unpredictable. So it’s time to leave – now.

In their mad dash off the mountain Nick rolls the car, giving them no choice but to hole up in the cabin for the night. As the creatures descend on the cabin, Nick makes a last testosterone-fueled stand only to be eviscerated, and the cabin burns to the ground while Reese, Courtney and Graham cower in the cellar.

The next morning is quiet, and they trudge to Sarah’s place, only to discover that she has no radio. Graham does manage to get her daddy’s sixty year old truck running just as the faeries breech the house, and he succeeds in getting them a mile down the mountain before the ancient truck disintegrates, leaving them stranded on the fire road.

The four survivors launch a desperate juggernaut through the wilderness to reach the forestry outpost at the summit before dark, with the increasingly bold faeries tracking them mercilessly. Along the way Sarah’s antique shotgun fails them, they’re cornered by a mountain lion, and they have to traverse a rickety cable system across a treacherous mountain chasm.

When they finally reach the outpost, they find the Jeep gone, the radio down, and the Ranger lying in a pool of his own blood with both legs gnawed off below the knees. They do their best to nurse the Ranger as the faeries gather forces around the station, but unseen dangers lurk inside the building with them. Old Sarah’s faith that she can bring her daddy home compels her to sacrifice Graham to the faeries, leaving Reese and Courtney stranded on the mountain top alone.

Desperate but determined, Reese cobbles together a transmitter that just might blind the creatures by scrambling their sonar… if they can only stay alive long enough to use it.

It won’t be easy. These faeries are not your daddy’s Tinker Bell.

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